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A Dirty Vehicle Can Cost You Money

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You may own a tough off road SUV, the kind they show rumbling undeterred over trails that you thought only mountain goats can maneuver. Your indestructible truck gets so plastered with mud and debris that it’s hard to tell where truck stops and windows start. And you like it that way. Maybe you love to drive around town with the extra 300 pounds of dirt to impress everyone with your adventuresome, fearless nature.

If, on the other hand, you’re like the other 99.9% of us who have vehicles intended only for paved highways and the mildest, smoothest gravel roads, a dirty car is not so impressive. You may be a doit-yourselfer who prefers to hose down and shine it with a hose in your backyard. More convenient, though, is a car wash already equipped to do the job professionally. Cheseldine Car Wash has just what you’re looking for with several “menu” options to choose from.

You may be in a rush and just need to get in and out quickly; the express wash is just right to get you on  your way. If you have a little more time, you might add a tire shine to show off those white walls. Add  the Rain Package and your car will repel the rain “like water off a duck’s back” and leave it streak-free. Perhaps you need a really deep clean inside and out because the kids have ground cookie crumbs into the floor mats and you left coffee stains on the seats. A complete detailing will leave your car looking  and smelling almost new. You can get the complete package, or just add “side dishes”, such as door jams and floor mats, from the main menu.

In areas where snow and salty slush, built up under your car over the winter accelerate the invasion of rust, it’s a good idea to have rust inhibitor added to the process.

If you love your vehicle as one of the family (we named ours!), you want to take pride in it and give it the longest life possible. Cheseldine Car Wash is one of the resources you can count on to achieve your goal.

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