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Car wash 101

Southern Maryland Car Washing 101 Cleaning a car is a piece of cake, right?  If you want to manually wash your car, Stop by the Cheseldine Self Serve Car Wash Bays, but before you do be sure to read this article. It is if you follow the procedures suggested by the Car Care Council. While it’s…

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How waxing benefits a vehicle

car wash site selection Brownsville

Car and truck owners recognize that a certain measure of upkeep is necessary to maintain safe, efficient and good-looking vehicles. Making sure what’s under the hood – and under the chassis – is in excellent condition is important. So, too, is safeguarding against damage to the exterior of a car or truck. One of the…

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Prevent bugs, sap and other substances from ruining a vehicle

self service car wash equipment Bryans Road

Keep vehicles clean and prevent damage by promptly removing sap, insects, droppings, and tar. Keeping vehicles looking pristine requires care and diligent cleaning. So many day-to-day activities and environmental materials have the potential to damage the finish on cars and trucks. While winter weather and chemicals used to keep roadways passable are often blamed for…

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How to Maintain a Healthy Environment Inside Your Vehicle

Solomons MD carwash

Over the last several years, homeowners have increasingly emphasized clean air in their homes. The growing popularity of home air purifiers suggests today’s homeowners want to make certain the environment inside their home is as healthy as possible. While protecting the environment in a home is important, it’s equally as important for motorists to maintain…

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Exotic, Luxury an Sexy Cars

on site car wash service Bryantown

Stop by each day and take a peek at pictures of the world’s most exotic cars.  Sexy photos of Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Viper and Corvette. Cheseldine Carwash wants to be the carwash you think when you want to feel better about your car.  Bring your car to us and we’ll…

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Simple steps to a clean interior

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Much like curb appeal improving the chances of a sale on your home, having a car that is presented well inside and out may boost the amount of money and potential of a resale on your vehicle. Even vehicle owners who don’t anticipate selling their vehicles in the near future should maintain the vehicles to…

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A Dirty Vehicle Can Cost You Money

full service car wash Calverton

You may own a tough off road SUV, the kind they show rumbling undeterred over trails that you thought only mountain goats can maneuver. Your indestructible truck gets so plastered with mud and debris that it’s hard to tell where truck stops and windows start. And you like it that way. Maybe you love to drive around…

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Cheseldine Auto Group Celebrates 25 Years

serving 25 years in St Mary's Car Wash business

STANDING THE TEST OF TIME Cheseldine Auto Celebrates 25 Years In a time when local businesses barely squeak past the elusive five-year mark, Cheseldine Auto Group is proud to celebrate 25 years of doing business in Southern Maryland. As a small family-owned, independently operated company, Cheseldine has grown slowly, but steadily, from its first days…

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