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A Dirty Vehicle Can Cost You Money

full service car wash Calverton

You may own a tough off road SUV, the kind they show rumbling undeterred over trails that you thought only mountain goats can maneuver. Your indestructible truck gets so plastered with mud and debris that it’s hard to tell where truck stops and windows start. And you like it that way. Maybe you love to drive around…

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Cheseldine Auto Group Celebrates 25 Years

serving 25 years in St Mary's Car Wash business

STANDING THE TEST OF TIME Cheseldine Auto Celebrates 25 Years In a time when local businesses barely squeak past the elusive five-year mark, Cheseldine Auto Group is proud to celebrate 25 years of doing business in Southern Maryland. As a small family-owned, independently operated company, Cheseldine has grown slowly, but steadily, from its first days…

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Going All Out for the Kids in St. Mary’s County

Vehicle detailing great mills in Charlotte Hall

Young Life is coming back to Southern Maryland.  Individuals all over Southern Maryland are determined to make sure our children get ahead. YOUNG LIFE is FOR EVERYONE!  GET INVOLVED. Young Life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in…

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Car washing and Auto detailing

complete car washes near me Chesapeake Ranch Estates

Car washing and auto detailing are two processes that go together. Auto detailing is a more comprehensive process that involves the meticulous cleaning and finishing of a car. This process is supposed to produce a near show level quality of detailing. Car washing can be achieved by hand or by an automatic car wash. It…

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Curb appeal

hand car wash services Cobb Island

Curb appeal applies to cars, too “Curb appeal” is a term often associated with selling a house. Homeowners selling their homes want to improve their home’s external appearance so it creates a stronger first impression when prospective buyers first pull up to the curb for an open house or a visit with their realtor. But while…

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Dirt Odor Dog Hair auto detailing

gas car wash near me Drum Point

DOES DIRT ORDER AND DOG HAIR GET YOU DOWN WHEN YOU CLIMB IN YOUR CAR? If going for a Sunday drive puts you in a bad mood because all you can think about is cleaning your car. It’s time to stop at Cheseldine Car Wash in California MD. Because your cars paint is much like…

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Protect vehicles in hot conditions

self service car wash Golden Beach

Protect vehicles in hot conditions Dramatic fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on automobiles. While cars and trucks are designed to be reliable under various conditions, sometimes the weather can get the best of even the most reliable vehicle. Many people associate car troubles with cold weather. However, cars are susceptible to breakdowns when it…

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How to protect your car’s resale value

car washes near St. Mary’s County MD

How to protect your car’s resale value Few drivers start thinking about resale value when driving a new car off of the dealership lot for the first time. Still enamored with that new car smell, drivers can be excused for not thinking of resale value as they put the pedal to the metal and speed…

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Fun amenities to consider for your next vehicle

automatic car wash in Hughesville

Today’s new vehicles boast more amenities than ever before, making for a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Today’s automobiles come with more gadgets than ever before. New car buyers can now choose from a host of amenities geared toward making roads easier to navigate and long trips more comfortable. Whereas nonessential amenities once cost…

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